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Public: LBAgarPlatesWithoutNaCl

Plates used for double cross over screening for pkoV allelic replacement.

INGREDIENT1000 mL Flask2000 mL flask
Total volume of media500 mL1000 mL
Tryptone5 g10 g
Yeast Extract2.5 g5 g
Sucrose25 g50 g
Agar7.5 g15 g
Distilled water500 mL1000 mL
  1. Prepare media in desired volumes.
  2. Carefully add a stir bar to flask and mix ingredients. Leave stir bar in while autoclaving.
  3. Autoclave on a liquid load for at least 45 minutes.
  4. After autoclaving, immediately pour plates. Note: Plates should be poured immediatetly although agar can temporarily be stored in the 55°C oven. This should be avoided if possible due to potential bacterial contamination.

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Orignal Recipe by: H. Lindsey Date: 24 July 12

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