Group Photos

Section A (8:30-10:20am)

The Bus Chasers:(left to right) Sofia, Alex, Henry, Binh

The Bunsen Burners:(left to right) Yunhan, Erika, Bailey, Emily Z., Sonia

Adapt or Die:(left to right) Zoe, Lily, Francisco, Sydney, Thomas

The Fig Neutrons:(left to right) Kailey, Lili, Jacob, Mason

We Passed BIOL 180:(left to right) Emily D., Zimo, Atlas, Sammi, Edwin

Section B (10:30am - 12:20pm)

The Biohazards:(left to right) Ashley, Sunidhi, Kincer, Miranda, Anna

E.Collide:(left to right) Gwendalynn, Calvin, Kiran, Nicki, Candice

We are Kerr Bears: (left to right) Sonja, Merrick, Nina, Emily, Kristin,

You are cute genes: (left to right) Dania, Mariana, Lucy, Eden, Gabby

Little Einsteins: (left to right) Nick, Joey, Jeanina, Rachel

Section C (12:30 - 2:20pm)

Quadicillin: (left to right) Liv, Roshni, Nikhil, Rhea

B. Cereus: (left to right) Katie, Sarah, Truc, Carter

Cultured: (left to right) Noah, Jake, Steven, Jason, Christina

E. cooli: (left to right) Sanjana, Manreet, Jadd, Cole, Tanner

Epistatic Electricity: (left to right) Felicia, Joelle, Gurbaj, Solomea

The Resistance: (left to right) Basir, Claire, Amelia, Kimberly