Here are the lab protocols. You are responsible for reading the entire protocol prior to coming to lab. Please also read any accessory protocols the lab protocol cites. You will probably find it helpful to bring a printed copy of the protocol to lab with you.

Lab Protocols:

Black Box Bonus (B3 for E3)

If you are interested in 3 bonus points,

  1. Download the Black Box (BB). Right now this is only available for PC users (we're working on the Mac version). For the PC user, you should save the executable (BB.exe) into its own folder along with the text files (Condition.txt, I.txt, L.txt, and T.txt). [For the Mac user, you could first download a windows emulator (I use Virtual Box, which is free) and then follow the above instructions (or find someone with a windows machine).]
  2. To open the BB, just double click on the executable that you downloaded.
  3. Run a few experiments and record your data.
  4. Based on your preliminary data, generate multiple working hypotheses (at least two) about how the BB is processing your input to generate outputs.
  5. Propose a critical test (integer to input) to distinguish your hypotheses.
  6. Run the critical test.
  7. Discuss the results and reformulate your hypotheses if needed.
  8. Run several more experiments (how many is up to you) and discuss your findings.

The bonus points will be awarded based on a brief report that you turn in. This report should be no longer than 3 pages and should include:

  1. Your preliminary data (the results of your first experiments in Table form)
  2. Your multiple hypotheses based on the preliminary data (label these H1, H2, H3…)
  3. Your critical test (explain why this test is well-suited for distinguishing your hypotheses—a table can be helpful here).
  4. The results of your critical test and the implications for you hypotheses.
  5. A table of the data resulting from your additional experiments.
  6. A brief discussion of all the data and your current working model for the Black Box.
  7. A brief (no more than 1 paragraph) discussion of whether you found the Black Box to be a helpful metaphor (please include general comments, questions, or suggestions).

The Black Box Bonus Report will be due on Monday, Dec. 8 by 6:59pm.