Bio 551

Information regarding lab meeting scheduling during the Autumn 2020 and Winter 2021 Quarters can be found on the Kerr Lab Google Calendar:

Summer Quarter 2020

Lab meetings: 10:30 to 12:30 am via Zoom.

June 26th: Research update: , Literature: Discussion of format

July 3rd: Cancelled

July 10th: Research update: Nate, Literature: Ryan

July 17th: Research update: Olivia, Literature: Bryan

July 24th: Research update: Ryan, Literature: Nate

July 31st: Research update: Adamaris , Literature: Bailey

August 7th: Research Update: Nate, Literature: Ryan

August 14th: Research update: Adamaris , Literature: Nate

August 21st: Research update: Olivia, Literature: Adamaris

August 28th: Research update: Ryan, Literature: Olivia

Spring Quarter 2020

Lab meetings: Friday, 10:00 to 11:30 am via Zoom.

Give a research update, ask for help on a problem/protocol, give a practice talk, lead a paper related to your project, etc...

April 3rd Lab meeting: Bailey and Claire

April 10th Lab meeting: Ben- Kerr Lab Mentoring Compact

April 17th Lab meeting: Adamaris- Positive epistasis between co-infecting plasmids promotes plasmid survival in bacterial populations

April 24th Lab meeting: Olivia

May 1st Lab meeting: Ryan

May 8th Lab meeting: Nate

May 15th Lab Meeting:

May 22nd Lab meeting: Nate

May 29th Lab meeting: Ryan

June 5th Lab meeting: Olivia

Winter Quarter 2020

Lab meetings: Wednesday, 3:30 to 4:30. LSB 501.

Give a research update, ask for help on a problem/protocol, give a practice talk, lead a paper related to your project, etc...

Jan 8 Lab meeting: Liv

Jan 15 Lab meeting: Ryan

Jan 22 Lab meeting: cancelled - go to Alison Feder's talk in Foege Auditorium

Jan 29 Lab meeting: Bryan "Comparing sequence-function maps from different selective conditions"

Feb 5 Lab meeting: Liv

Feb 12 Lab meeting:Adamaris

Feb 19 Lab meeting: Katrina

Feb 26 Lab meeting: Nathan

Mar 4 Lab meeting: Conversation tips for difficult conversations

Mar 11 Lab meeting: postponed COVID-19

Mar 18 Lab meeting:postponed COVID-19

Fall Quarter 2019

Lab meetings: Fridays, 11:30 to 12:30. LSB 501.

Oct 4 Lab meeting: Brainstorming grant ideas

Oct 11 Lab meeting: Research update from Katrina

Oct 18 Lab meeting: Research update from Ryan

Oct 25 Lab meeting: Grant brainstorming

Nov 1 Lab meeting: cancelled

Nov 8th Lab meeting: Research update from Katrina

Nov 15 Lab meeting: Research update from Bryan

Nov 22 Lab meeting:

Nov 29 Lab meeting: No lab meeting! Happy Thanksgiving!

Dec 6th Lab meeting: Erin (student from Biology 481) presenting 12:30-1pm.

Journal Club: Fridays, 12:30 to 1:30. LSB 501.

Oct 4 Journal club: Predicting microbial growth in a mixed culture from growth curve data.

Oct 25 Journal club: Extremely fast amelioration of plasmid fitness costs by multiple functionally diverse pathways

Nov 1 Journal club: Guest speaker

Nov 8 Journal club: Katrina

Nov 15 Journal club: no journal club

Dec 6 Journal club: On the meaning and estimation of plasmid transfer rates for surface-associated and well-mixed bacterial populations This week journal club will be 11:30-12:30pm.

Evernote **Tutorial

SUMMER Quarter 2019

When: Fridays, 11:30 to 12:30. LSB 501.

June 21: Discuss summer lab meeting format.

Prioritize goals, and assign topics for weeks (roughly done below)

  • Homework (details to be discussed):
    • prep for Gordon conference, look over attendees and speakers
    • prep to update web presence, picture and blurb

June 28: Networking and Conferences

  • Who to talk with and how to prepare to converse with them
  • Dos and Don't
  • Update web presence
  • Conference self care
  • Conference care for others
    • Homework (details to be discussed):

Week of July 4th: poster/talk practice?

July 19: 1) Lab notebooks

  • What format to use as a lab
  • Best practices
  • How to make the information accessible and useful to others

2) Meeting agendas

  • Dos and Don't
  • Goals for the mentee
  • Goals for the mentor
    • Homework: Look through protocols/recipes on the Wiki
      • Which protocols do you use the most (are they up-to-date?)
      • Which protocols are missing, do you wish we had?

July 26: Authorship ad Project leadership discussion

August 2: Wiki, private side, reorganization

  • What tabs/buttons can go away
  • How can we simplify and make the Wiki more usable?
  • Mission/code of ethics
    • Homework: Protocol updates & strain log
      • Look through the information under "Lab Research" --> "Strains"

August 9: Evernote & Wiki organization

  • Homework:

August 16: Strains

  • BK strain log and personal strain log
  • Strain basics (how to organize, best practices for freezedowns, acclimation time, freeze/thawing, K strains vs B strains, markings cells, etc...)
  • Closing out projects, adding strains to BK collection
  • Freezer(s) organization and space management
    • Homework: Work on protocol updates

August 23: Starting an experiment

  • What assumptions to check?
  • How to do growth curves
  • What strains to use?
  • Media
  • Markers
    • Homework:

August 30: Mitch

September 6: Create and set-up Lab Evernote account, Protocols updates continued

  • Homework: Review information under "Lab Resources" --> "General" and "Technicians"

September 13: Wiki: Lab Resources review and edits

September 20: Manuscript writing

  • timeline
  • how to make figures
  • how to organize and write with others

SPRING Quarter 2019

Link to add to the meeting agenda

Link to the paper and topic queue

When: Fridays, 10:30 to 12. LSB 501.

April 5th: QUARTER GOALS, week-by-week plan

April 12th: Mitch

April 19th: Noa

April 26th: GSS, LSB 201 (9:30am-4pm, snacks provided)

May 3rd: Katrina

May 10th: Reilly and Jordana

May 17th: (stay tuned for details regarding when/which undergrads will be presenting at the Mary Gates Undergrad Research Symposium. At least THREE Kerr lab undergrads are presenting, as well as peer facilators from the Bio 180 CURE labs. Lab meeting may or not be held depending on timing of student presentations.)

May 24th: Hannah

May 31st: Ryan

June 7th: PR project -- undergrad team

Winter Quarter 2019

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Link to the paper and topic queue

When: Fridays, 10:30 to 12. LSB 501.

January 11th:

  • QUARTER GOALS, week-by-week plan

January 18th: ROOM CHANGE LSB 301

  • Peter and Bryan?

January 25th:

  • Olivia
  • Katrina

February 1st:

February 8st:

  • Recruitment Round Robin

February 15th:

  • Katrina

February 22nd:

  • Ryan (whole time preferred)

March 1st:

  • Hannah

March 8th:

  • Sean Gibbons. Guest Presenter.

March 15th:

  • Miranda

March 22nd:

  • Mitch

Autumn Quarter 2018

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When: Fridays, 10:30 - 12 PM. Where: LSB 501

September 28:

  • QUARTER GOALS, week-by-week plan

October 5:

  • RYAN
  • Lab party! New lab space + post crazy move day + belated birthdays celebration!

October 12:

  • RYAN

October 19:


October 26:

  • LIV

November 2:


November 9:

  • Plasmid brainstorming session w/guest Beth Traxler

November 16:

November 23:


November 30:

December 7:

  • Katrina & Katie

December 14:

  • LIV

Summer Quarter 2018

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When: Fridays, 9:30 - 11 AM. Where: Kincaid 502

June 13:

  • Discussion about LSB space

June 22:

  • Bryan
  • Paper: Pairwise and higher-order genetic interactions during the evolution of a tRNA (May 2018)
  • Domingo et. al. 2018

June 29:

  • Mini-research update symposium

July 6:

  • Liv
  • Topic: Mentoring

July 13:

  • Katrina and Peter
  • Research update: Epistasis! Cell size! Growth rate! MIC! LTEE! Eeeeee!

July 20:

  • Mitch
  • Research Update

July 27:

  • Hannah
  • Practice talk for Plasmid

August 3:

  • Katrina
  • Practice Talk for Evolution

August 10: Cancelled -- BEACON Congress 2018

August 17: Cancelled

August 24: Cancelled

August 31: Cancelled

September 7: Cancelled

September 14:

  • Ryan

September 21:

  • LSB check-in take 2.
  • Fall lab meeting discussion.

To be rescheduled

  • Hannah
  • Paper: Migration promotes plasmid stability under spatially heterogeneous positive selection (April 2018)
  • Harrison et al. 2018

Topics from previous quarters can be found here.