Bio 551

Summer Quarter 2017

Lab meetings are Fridays from 10:30-12:00 in KIN 502

June 16: Katrina van Raay

  • Life in a bubble: A bacterial insider's perspective

June 23: Luis Zaman & Katrina van Raay

  • Introduction to the new lab website / web content creation party

June 30: Robin Green & Kerr lab members

  • Nutrient-Limitation Triggers Social Behavior and Catalyzes the Formation of a Simple Community in Yeast
  • Lab website update

July 7: Cancelled

July 14: Cancelled for Microbial Population Biology GRC

July 21: Bryan Andrews

  • Research update

July 28: Hannah Jordt

  • Research update

August 4 Cancelled for BEACON Congress 2017

August 11: Cancelled

August 18: Mitchell Pesesky

  • Research update

August 24 (THURSDAY, 11:00-12:00pm): Ishay Ben-Zion

  • Research update

September 1: Benjamin Kerr

  • Research update & paper discussion: The dual landscape model of evolution and niche construction

September 8: Olivia Kosterlitz & Hannah Jordt

  • OK: Practice talk for DMS Day
  • HJ: Galapagos Islands travelogue

September 15: Cancelled for the Biology departmental retreat

September 22: Katrina van Raay & special guest

  • KvR: Research update & KITP Eco-Evolutionary Dynamics course report
  • Special guest: Photo slideshow!

Topics from previous quarters can be found here.