Bio 551

Spring Quarter 2017

Lab meetings are Fridays from 10:30-12:00 in PAA A023D

March 31: Katie and Brian

  • Comments on the paper draft
  • Planning lab meetings for the quarter

April 7: Ryan McGee

April 14: Liv Kosterlitz

April 21: Cancelled for the Biology Graduate Student Symposium (GSS)

April 28: Sonia

  • Practice seminar talk -- no preparation necessary

May 5: Luis Zaman

  • Research update

May 12: Erin McClure

  • Mary Gates poster presentation

May 19: Cancelled for the Undergraduate Research Symposium

May 26: Ben Kerr

  • The wonderful world of mathematics

June 2: Katrinia van Raay

  • Living in a bubble: A bacterial insider's perspective

June 9: Peter Conlin

  • Research update

Topics from previous quarters can be found here.