Jenna Gallie

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Postdoc Research

My research interests lie in experimental evolution and molecular genetics. In particular, I am intrigued by the evolutionary origins of stochastic phenotypic switches. The evolutionary success of many organisms is contingent upon the ability to adapt to rapidly changing environments. Stochastic switches provide a unique mechanism to enhance the phenotypic diversity of populations, and thereby increase their overall fitness in changing environments. In April 2010, I completed my PhD with Paul Rainey (Massey University, New Zealand). My thesis focused on unravelling the evolutionary and molecular events underlying a stochastic phenotypic switch in experimental bacterial populations. In the Kerr lab I have been working on two projects, the first of which investigated the effects of differing rates of environmental change on evolutionary outcomes. Currently, Justin Meyer (Lenski laboratory, Michigan State University) and I are exploring the evolutionary processes and genetic events underlying Escherichia coli and phage lambda co-evolution.



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