TBE Electrophoresis Buffer

10x TBE Buffer Stock

INGREDIENT1000 mL bottle
Total volume of media1000 mL
Tris base108 g
Boric acid55 g
0.5M EDTA, pH = 8.040 mL
Distilled waterup to 1000mL
  1. Add dry ingredients and a stir bar to the bottle along with around half the water.
  2. Put on the stir plate and add the EDTA slowly.
  3. After the dry ingredients go into solution (this will take a bit) add dH2O up to 1000mL.
  4. Dilute 100mL of 10x buffer in 900mL of dH2O for 1x buffer solution. This concentration will be used to make and run electrophoresis gels.

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Original Recipe by: C. Eshelman Date: 13 Sept 12

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